Saturday, November 6, 2010

Night Before

Got in a bit later than planned, so this will be short. After the marathon tomorrow I will delve a little more into feelings and such. Almost overwhelming at this point. Feel a huge ball of things inside....excitement....anticipation....nerves....this is the first marathon where I have really expected something out of myself. I have trained about as hard as I could. I spent the time doing the things that should make be better as a runner. I was disciplined almost to the point of obsession in the pursuit of my goal of breaking 4 hours. The legs are a little tired from the walking, but not bad. I wished I had put in a couple of miles this morning, but that doesn't matter now. I will get what sleep I can and see what my body is willing to withstand. More importantly, I will push my brain to let me succeed and hit my goal. Worst case....anything under 4:00. Enough talk....time to RUN!

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