Monday, November 1, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday...MARATHON WEEK!!!

The marathon is getting so close that it is constantly in my thoughts. I am worried I might have a little cold coming on, but besides that I am feeling decent. I will leave Thursday morning and arrive in the late afternoon NYC time.  I am starting to make a list of some things that I want to see while I am there. Not sure how much I will see before the marathon, but intend to hit the city all out starting on the Tuesday afterwards.

3 Mile Monday - Chilly this morning. I bought some shorts at RunnersRoost and wanted to see how they might go in NYC. They need some time so they won't be making the trip but it was maybe a tad too cold for shorts. Oh well. Kept me fairly cool. Run was alright. Calves are a little tight so I have been spending quality time on them.

4 Mile Recovery - Blustery day outside. Feel bad for the Trick or Treaters tonight, thought they would have better weather. Pretty easy miles as I head into marathon week. Gonna put on my NYRR orange laces I bought to support kids running in NYC. Nerves have crept in a tiny bit, but I think that is a good thing, keep me vigilant and not getting too lax. Hope you all have a fun Halloween.

8 Mile Long Run - Maybe ran a little too fast with the running group, but it wasn't too bad so I just went with it. Last long run of the cycle. Weather was a little warmer, went with shorts and the long sleeve top because that is how I roll. Have really started enjoying running with the group, lots of good characters. Good run today. First month ever over 200 miles. Planning on it being the first of many.

4 Mile Friday - Please don't ask me about the pace...I had the watch on average pace for the whole run. On lap three I was getting angry that my lap wasn't under marathon pace so I kept turning it up. Guess I was under mp...doh! Besides for the inability to read my watch the run was solid. Weather is all I could ask for, brisk with little wind. Last long run tomorrow...8 miles. This has been a great cycle and as usual I am sad to be coming to a close. I feel like I have grown more on this one as a runner than any of the previous training cycles.

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