Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 mile run fun

So I am in the 3rd week of my eighteen week training program. I have had mixed results the first couple of weeks, but continue to forge forward. I had a three mile run this morning and it went pretty well. To be honest...it is 2.7 then I work out a bit...followed by .3 home. I really want to get my body to reach its potential from an appearance stand point. So I do some solid strength training three days a week, and I do core work 5 days a week. I think it is slowly paying off.

The pain in the knee was very mild...more pressure than pain. For that I am grateful. I am trying not to let the need to run faster push me every day. The Garmin has been incredibly helpful with keeping perspective. I can see almost instantly my pace and distance so I can correct accordingly.

I have been getting up early to run and it helps keep the warm temperatures to a minimum. There aren't a lot of other people out and that is a little bit of a bummer. Other runners out always seem to help amp me up and push me. Wondering if other people keep a pattern of just squeeze it in whenever. But anyway....

I did not keep an accurate read of my time because I forgot to start the watch again after I was done doing my core work...so if that is the only reason you check the blog...I apologize. I have 4 miles tomorrow. I am excited....


  1. Hey Sean -- I officially signed up to follow your blog this time! Google account and all. Glad to see you off to a good start for NY. As for the Garmin, you will love it. Make sure you don't rely too much on the "Current Pace" -- it is all over the place. I use "Lap Pace" (set autolap to one mile) and "Average Pace" (for the entire run). Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh yeah, and re: the morning runs. If you get used to running in the solitude of early morning soon-to-be darkness, imagine how "amped up" you'll be when you get to a race setting and actually get to run with other humans!