Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rapid City not so Rapid

So I had a wedding to attend up in Rapid City, South Dakota. This was the first time I would be doing a training run in another city. Having the Garmin made it so I wouldn't have to map the route unless I wanted to. Having that kind of freedom is awesome.

I made my way out of the lobby and up the road to give myself a nice walk to get my legs moving. I made my way down the Cathedral Rd. and turned right onto a side street. The amount of hills was staggering....upppppp.....dowwwwwn......upppppp......dowwwwwn. I decided to turn right on a street called Terracita because it looked like it went through a nice neighborhood and seemed to have a small incline....holy cow was I wrong.

The road just kept going up and up and up and up. I turned on Alta Vista and went all the way to the top of the hill and literally saw the mansion on top of the hill. The view down was truly amazing and a walked for about 30 seconds to try and soak it in...and back down I went.

I looked at the Garmin to see how far it would be to get down the hill, and by the time I got back to the starting street, it said 1.2 miles. With the two small turns I made, I figure the incline was at least 1 mile up to the top....crazy.

The IT was really pretty good overall. I can't say the same for my right calf. It stayed sore for a few days and took some time to relax during my 3 mile run today. But I felt like I truly accomplished something within those 5 miles on Saturday. It was hot and I was dead by the time I got back to the hotel, but I enjoyed the challenge and the effort.


  1. Nice job, Sean! Hills and out-of-town effort on the same run... When you start running on your vacations, it is a good sign for your growing committment to this crazy sport.

  2. I reall got a charge out of it. I was gettind ready to blog about the three weekday runs and am wondering how you want to see the mileage? Day by day or rather a big chart that shows the whole schedule?

  3. Hey Sean -- Whatever is easiest. Definitely total mileage and long run mileage, by week! Looking forward to reading about this weekend's activity.