Sunday, June 13, 2010

Already Focused on New York

The last month since the Colorado Marathon has been filled with quite a bit of running. I am working on getting faster, and just becoming a more well-rounded runner. I am hoping to hit some PR goals this summer like sub 24 minute 5K time...possible 23 minute if I keep progressing like I should. I also want to nail a half marathon in under 1 hour and 55 minutes. I have added speed work to my normal running and I am hoping it will make the difference.

Originally I said I was going to aim for a 4:10 marathon in New York in 2010. It is a difficult marathon compared with Colorado and so I figured that sub 4 hour might be a little too ambitious. After the last few weeks, though I have had a change of heart and have decided to make under 4:00 my gold standard. This will follow me over the next 22 weeks to see if I can get there in one of my favorite places....New York City!


  1. Too good to resist - 'no way' to 'change of heart', eh ??!! Well then - now that you've owned the goal publically, it effectively eliminates the 'I told you so' moment - since my 'gold standard' for you (healthy) is, without hesitation, sub-4 ... and that's all the 'hint' you're getting!! The fun will be in finding out just how close you come to 'proving' me right ... we shall see!!

  2. Love it!!! This plan is a big step up for you, with much higher mileage, speedwork, 3 x 20 milers, hills and pace runs. As you approach this, keep in mind that your regular runs (those not indicated as "pace" efforts) should be run SLOWER than your 9:00ish goal pace. Don't you dare go out there and try to run every day that quick!!! Looking forward to continuing to follow your progress and success...