Monday, September 6, 2010

Gonna start getting back into this

I have become very accustomed to using to log my runs. It is very easy and has some cool graphs. It also does not let me focus so much on the negative of injuries or a bad run because everyone that is on there seems so supportive. That being said I am going to be better about posting here.

So I have just started week 10 of my training. There have been some very good high points this summer. I did run my first 10K (I did not break 50 minutes like I had hoped, but I did alright). I also hit my summer goal of running a 5K in under 23 minutes when I ran the Komen Race for the Cure in Cheyenne in August in a time of 22:12. I also set a PR in the half-marathon the following weekend in the Heart and Sole Half-Marathon/10K down in Boulder. My time was 1:50:59. I really thought I had a shot to break 1:50, but it truly was quite hot for me.

I have had some minor set backs, and those have mainly been my calves. While the IT Band pain I have had has been minimal, the calves really started to give me trouble when I got into doing track workouts over the summer with the High Plains Harriers over in Laramie (I live in Cheyenne now). Great group of people by the way.

I am following the Higdon Advanced I training plan that I posted on the blog. I have made a few changes mainly to do races and track work. I am trying to get back to it for the remainder of the cycle...only 8 weeks...whew.

So this week I started with a three mile run. It went pretty well. The wind was pretty crazy. I will let you see the route and my splits if you would like. As I said before, I will try to be better. Thanks for reading!

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