Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Finally getting the Garmin set up the way I want it. The pace seems to be very touchy compared to my other Garmin. Wondering if I need to sync the satellites it chooses. The runs have been going pretty well overall. I feel like I might be coming down with something, but doing my best to fight it off. I have been really working on still working myself hard but cutting down the mileage. I want to go into New York City with fresh legs, but that fire that I have developed over this cycle. Nothing less than my best effort will do. Here are the last three runs:

Hal wanted a 30 minute tempo run...but the whole run ended up at 40 minutes. More ghostly pain in odd spots...but nothing two days in a row....rock on! I started fairly slow and tried to gradually build up speed during the second mile.The middle of my tempo I came away with a 7:37 I believe which aligned to being the third mile. Nice to bring up the pace a bit this late in the cycle. I like to remember what it feels like to run fast. It was cold, but very little wind....perfect!

Wednesday run was just a general four mile effort. Today was colder than yesterday, but I am quickly getting used to it. Started having some phantom taper pain down my left leg. Just going to dismiss it for now because it went away very quickly. The run was like most of the four milers, I am trying to hit the last two under my goal overall marathon pace of 8:55. I achieved that goal and feel pretty good about it.

Tuesday was the Mid Long Run, but at six miles, it was quite short compared to weeks past. A cold front has definitely blown in. There was even some white stuff on the grass areas. Run ended up turning into a progression run...which I think has become my favorite. There was another runner making loops in the opposite direction in the park...have seen him a few times....respect. Legs are a little sore, but pretty good. Once you get past those first few cold temp runs the rest of the season gets easier. I like the colder weather running because it feels a lot easier on my muscles. I don't get tired as fast, and I feel tough for always getting out there when it would be easier to sleep in.

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