Friday, August 7, 2009

Where have I been

It has been quite awhile since I updated the ol blog. I do apologize. Have some non-running things that I am dealing with. But that is not a decent excuse. So I will try to give a quick recap.

Last week the schedule had me doing 3 miles, then 5, then 3, and on Saturday 10. I was really nervous about the 10. I had to move my Thursday 3 to Friday so I did not have that extra day o rest the IT Band. I started slow and stayed pretty slow the whole run. I may have stated before, but because I am really on my own if something happens, I try to stay within a mile to a mile and a half of my apartment. I ended up needing to come home to use the bathroom about halfway through, but did well getting back out and going again. By the end of the run the knee was sore, but manageable so I will take it.

The three runs I did this week were pretty uneventful. 3,5 and 3 and nothing big to talk about. I was due a 7 mile long run this weekend, but decided to do a 5K instead. Think it will help keep me motivated and give me one last shot at breaking 25 minutes before the end of the summer. Because I need to be up in 6 hours I am going to end here. Sorry it took so long to get this in. I will try to be better. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about that sub-25 5k! Keep up the solid work.