Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm late...I'm late....for a very forget it.

The lack of sleep monster finally got me....7:30 today...BAH! But anyway, I got up and quickly got dressed and headed out, My legs are tired from yesterday...but not sore...I am gaining more and more confidence in my ability to get through 26.2. The schedule called for 4, and I like to give the schedule what it asks for. It has been getting cooler, so the sun did not bug me at all this morning, which is always nice. At 3.7 I hit the gym and did my strength training, core work-out, and crunches. I am skipping my first class. I have all the lecture notes, so it feels like a waste to go all the time anyway. I am going to relax a tad and get some things done before my 11:00. I am sure my legs are going to enjoy having off tomorrow....but I will still be getting up at 6:00....take that sleep monster!


  1. So, did you wake up at 6am on your "day off?"

  2. 6:30.....bad bad me. I am such a slacker....I woke up and then drifted back off again.