Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 miles? Why not.

So I got up and did 2 miles this morning. I should not have pushed quite as hard, but the legs were feeling good and sometimes its fun just to open up a little bit....18 min 33 secs. I did some crunches and that is pretty much it. I have a bunch of work due tomorrow, so I will not be able to get to the gym to do strength training and it will have to wait until tomorrow. For this next week I am scheduled to do 3,7,4, and 15 respectively. It is a substantial jump from this last week and really starts to get into the higher mileage. I am a little nervous and a little excited to see how it goes. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great weekend, Sean! Especially your positive comments about Saturday's 10... Very well done. You are in a good groove. Enjoy the spike in mileage this week, especially the 15-miler. Taking the early miles easy on those long runs then kicking into a higher gear over the second half is a pattern you should strive to follow -- you seem to respond well to that. Have a great running/school/other week.