Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 for me

I ended up not going to the gym yesterday. The coursework seems to be piling up faster than I can knock things out and so I am staying up later to try and get things done. I hope things mellow out soon, I am not sure I can take a semester like this. Got up and out the door at 6:50.There was a little fog, and the sun was a very cool red. It was really neat to see. Both of my knees were a little sore while I was walking and through the first mile. The pain seemed to go away though and has still not returned, so I am optimistic. It was cool, but not cold. About as nice a weather as I could ask for September, 1st in Laramie.

After 2.7 I hit the gym for some crunches, I just can't afford the time to do my whole routine, and that frustrates me. Hustled home and quickly got ready and ate. It was a decent run, an I am curious as to what tomorrow's 7 miler will bring....maybe another red sun. Well....back to the books. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Red sun from CA wildfires. Cool, huh? You know what I'm going to say about the "can't afford the time to do my whole routine" comment, right? GET UP EARLIER! The miles are going to get longer, and the days are going to get shorter. Do you run in well lit areas, or might you need to invest in a headlamp?? Either way, keep up the good work.