Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last sorta long run

So today was the last long run of the cycle. At 8 miles, it certainly doesn't feel like 20, but is still a decent distance for someone that is only been running a year and a half.

This was a pretty awful week all-around, but I don't want to dwell on that. I just have a lot of things to get donw before I leave for New York. Should make the next few days fly. Because I was in a bad mood last night, I decided to watch Spirit of the Marathon, to try to get my mind focused on this amazing experience I am getting the chance to participate in. Watching elites as well as everyday runners like myself, make their journeys really helps me get a little perspective. Great flick.

Got up really late, but that is actually ok. It is pretty cold here and the extra couple of hours helps make the temperatures rise just a little bit. I decided to go shorts and short sleeve shirt, because it looks like it is going to be quite warm (by my standards) next Sunday in New York. The temps said a little above freezing, but I neglected to look at the wind speed. It was quite breezy today. After the first 3 miles it didn't really bug me temperature-wise, but I still get a little lost when I am running into a strong head-wind. I think I am going much slower than I am, and in turn push a bit harder than I should and tire myself out. There were about 2 miles that really zapped me this morning, when I looked at the watch I could see why. It felt like my warm-up miles but I was actually going quite a bit faster. In the scheme things, it didn't impact my effort towards the end. Just one of those little curiousities that I wonder if I will ever master over the years.

The colors aren't much to look at anymore. We have lost most the leaves and a lot of the fields as well as patches of grass have turned yellow. Not the best to keep your mind preoccupied, but you get used to it. I am wondering if I should start looking to run on the paths around town, maybe something to think about after this marathon.

At the top of my hill as I finished 6 miles, I noticed this car stuck in an intersection. I ran over to help push it, and it kind of burned my quads a bit. I immediately went back into my run and the sensation went away after a couple of minutes. I haven't been stretching much, and this is just another sign that I need to find a little more balance with no-stretching and over-stetching.

As has become a happy pattern, I kicked the last 2 miles up a bit and finished really strong. It is amazing how good it makes you feel to have that extra energy when your body is tired. Overall, I might have pushed a little hard for a long run, but I feel ok. I am starting to get very excited and maybe a little nervous about next weekend. But I have done just about everything I wanted to do when I started training this cycle. So I have to just trust that all the work and dedication will payoff. Have a nice weekend and thanks for reading....


  1. Have a great race week, Sean. You have had a good cycle, and it is going to pay off in New York with a great experience and a nice improvement over your Colorado result. Stay relaxed this week. Run as little as your mind will allow, and DON'T DO ANYTHING NEW ON RACE DAY!!

    For what it's worth, I've decided to run another Fall marathon. Tucson, 12/13 -- with a buddy trying to BQ.

  2. I can't believe it is here!! Good luck in New York - I'll be rooting for you!!