Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not 5....but 3

It looks like it is time to break out the winter gear here in Laramie. I looked at the report on the weather before I went out...but I was still not wearing nearly enough. I put on my long sleeve outer layer and even my asics cold weather pants....but I should have dressed in layers and used my balaklava. The wind chill right not says 19....but you add in those gusts of 33-44 mph and the wind feels like a knife cutting through the clothing. I was supposed to do 5, but when my ears started ringing not even a half mile in I decided to just go 3 and cut the risk of getting sick all over again. It is supposed to warm up a big over the next few days, this cold just really hit here out of nowhere. I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt yesterday and was quite warm. It was nice to wear some of my gear for the cold time I will wear all of it and be toasty.

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  1. Two more weeks til taper? When, if at all, do you have a 20-miler planned? Yeah, yesterday definitely felt like jumping from summer right into winter. Stay positive, and keep up the discipline! I've got my fall race on Sunday, so I'll be lapsing into rest and base building for Boston here soon.