Tuesday, September 21, 2010

18 Mile Long Run

I have been really sick since last Monday. It isn't the flu...but a lot more than a cold. Just really odd. If I was a little more flush financially at the moment, I would have gone to the doctor...but alas...those are the breaks.

I ended up doing this run on Sunday. I slept a little on Saturday hoping it would help me heal up. I didn't ran at all until Sunday. I got up at 6 but wasn't out the door until around 7. I had every intention of doing 20. I knew it was a tall order. I felt awful, and I woke up with a sour stomach so I knew I would not be getting any carbs during the run. I really wanted to attempt it anyway.

First hiccup came when I realized grab my water pack...sans bottles....oops. I was only a little ways from the house...but it was still a little lame. I made my way to Lion's Park again and went around and then through. Then towards Central High School on Hynds. Again I went up to Vandehi and pushed. My tempo the whole run was very very slow. I just wanted to get the miles on my legs. I then went back down Hynds and hit the greenway at Central.

I made my way along the greenway fairly well for the first three miles of it. I kicked up the tempo a little and although I didn't feel awesome, was getting the job done. By the time I got to my last mile on the greenway I was struggling big time. So by mile 15 I decided to bag 20 and just head home. I walked from 15-16 and then mixed in running the last two miles.

I was pretty bummed I didn't hit 20, but I have been very sick. So I am proud that I was able to gut out 18 miles. This week will be a down week and then I will attempt 20 again next week. Just need to get healthy and get back to it. Thanks for reading!


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