Friday, September 24, 2010

5 Mile Park Loop

Decided to get out for a run today. Still feeling kind of lousy, but I have to get miles back on the legs. So I went out this morning with the Garmin, not really sure how far I was gonna go. The Garmin died within the first mile. Weird because it said it had 90% of the battery left. Hope it isn't getting wonky on me.

I had made a large semi-circle to Holliday Park and just decided to go with it. The plan was to hit as many miles as possible at marathon pace and get that confidence back. I pushed pretty hard for almost the entire run. My lungs and throat let me know that it is no happy about the labored breathing. Felt really good to just sweat though.

The negative chatter started with about a mile left on my run. Kept saying go slower....walk...but I did not listen. It donned on me that I might feel this way a week from now...or a month from now...or even at NYC. So I did not give in and ended the run strong.

I am gonna do 12 tomorrow with at least 6 at marathon pace. Next week I fully intend to get back to religiously following Hal....

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