Friday, September 10, 2010

6 Miles....5 at pace

The schedule today called for 9 miles at pace. Having two fairly hard days in a row and looking down at 19 tomorrow, I decided to do 6 miles and call it good. My original plan was to go east on Pershing towards where I was staying with my folks. I figured it was about 4.5 miles there so I wanted to see where 3 miles would get me. It also seems like fewer traffic lights than heading the other way...that was a big mistake. The lights take a loooong time to change and I was a minute late for work because it added so much time to my run. I had noticed the wind going out and figured it was coming from the northwest...but as I was heading back was directly giving me the smack down. It sure does get windy. I had a really hard time finishing strong with both the wind and the incline, but I feel pretty good about it. The calves are a little sore, but feel pretty dang good. I also have had zero IT band pain for awhile now, so maybe I am getting used to this.

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