Wednesday, September 30, 2009

8.93 for me

Well the euphoria of yesterday's 5 mile effort did not quite carry over to today. The weather was quite windy and was really a shock. I have been spoiled the last few months besides for the random day here or there that pushed me around. I was really surprised by the warmth with all the wind. I decided to do a loop around what I call eastern Laramie.

The first mile was hard to get moving. My legs have definitely gotten that dead feeling the last couple of weeks. My taper can not come fast enough. But I am not there for another week and a half so I just need to suck it up. Easier said than done....

It took almost 4 and a half miles before I felt the rust coming out of the ol legs and felt good about being out there. The traffic was quite steady and there were a lot of lights that I caught. Made a little bit tougher to find my pace and my stride. But no matter...I made the distance...more or less and my time was respectable....little over 1 hour 31 overall I would have to say the run was a success.

I am finding the sore feeling really staying with me longer and longer and harder to get to go away. Hopefully after the 5 tomorrow those 48 hours will get me feeling refreshed and charged up to hit 14 on Saturday.
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