Saturday, September 12, 2009

1...little 2....little 16....miles

Got up and at 5:30! Out the door by a couple of minutes after 6 and I am here to tell, it was downright cold. I could see my breath for the first 11 miles. Fall is here, I don't care what anyone says. First couple of miles went really well. I was feeling pretty good, enjoying the brisk weather.  I was curious to see the impact of today's game on the population of Laramie. I decided to take my big loop around what is in essence, east Laramie. It ends up being just a little bit less than 8 miles. Some of the leaves have already fallen. I did see on sign referencing the game today and I had to chuckle. It said "Texas. You suck!" But it was like three pieces of cardboard taped together with packing tape. You stay classy Laramie!

As mentioned in the last couple of blogs, I am getting pretty tired. Today really seemed to highlight that fact. I didn't feel bad for most of the run, minus knee tenderness, but I can really tell that the miles are adding up.

After the first loop I decided to do a couple close to campus to witness the craziness unfold. I turned onto Willett which is the main street through campus and goes right by the stadiums. It could only have been 7:40-7:50 when I passed and there were already people with the RVs getting set up to tail-gate. It is pretty crazy. I ended up running by the same spot two more times and by the third total time, it was really starting to fill up.

I also decided to do a loop around Prexy's Pasture in the middle of campus to make up for the .3 I was off by my first loop. There were only about 4 or 5 people walking around campus, which seemed odd. I am sure by now there are many.

The only other important thing about the run is that it really honestly felt like I got stronger the last couple of miles. I was able to pick up the pace significantly and hold it until the end which makes me feel like I am at a much better point through my training cycle than I was last Spring. My time was down a little bit (10:13 mile pace), but I am not going to sweat it because I am tired and I know it will all even out in the end.

Hope you all have a nice weekend and GO POKES!


  1. Great job, Sean!! I have a 16 miler tomorrow and I hope to feel good - particularly after the exhausting 20 miler last weekend. You are doing fabulous, and I can't wait until the races get here!!

  2. Great work, Sean! I love your comment about feeling stronger near the end. That is a fantastic sign that your training is paying off. Enjoy this fall weather -- especially the early a.m. runs. Once you get warmed up, they are the best. I had my second of 3 20's today. One more peak week for me, then 2 week taper for 10/4.
    Pokes looked strong for a half at least!!