Wednesday, September 16, 2009

8 is enough

So I didn't get out for my 8 mile run this morning, but I did get out this early evening. The temperature change as stated before is pretty drastic. I looked everywhere for a charger for the ol Ipod and could not find one anywhere in Laramie. I ordered one online and hopefully it will be here by Friday so I can charge up for my run on Saturday. One of my upstairs neighbors was nice enough to let my borrow her Zune. She likes a lot of techno so it worked out ok.

I came out of the gate at a reasonable tempo, but after the first mile, I really pushed too hard for how I was feeling. It came back to bite me about 4 and a half miles in. I did not see as many runners as I normally do around 5:00 out running. They must have gotten the memo about me being out late and thought better of getting their runs in.

The last 3 miles really kicked my trash. All the more reason to get up and get the run in early in the food to make me feel all off. But hey....I got it in....1 hr 19 min and 53 secs for 7.99 miles. I will probably not go for my 5 mile run in the morning, but will evaluate how I feel after work to see if I want to do it tomorrow night. Thanks for reading.


  1. I hate running without my iPod... all of Laramie doesn't have a charger? Good grief. Will you run the marathon with your iPod? I've wondered if I ever do a race if it would be lame of me to wear it or if it would even be allowed. I'm definitely music motivated.

  2. It is usually on a race per race basis. Actually it is one of those hot button things that people usually feel strongly about. There are rulings that have gone back and forth with the USATF about whether or not they should be allowed. I have read postings of people saying it diminishes their experience when other people wear them. There is also the safety issue. I am a pretty observant runner. I always stop at lights ang give cars the right of way. When I am racing, I make sure to look over my shoulder from time to time and I stay to the right so people can pass with if they choose. New York highly discourages Ipod use, but I will be using it for at least part of the marathon. There are so many spectators, that I am hoping their energy can help my energy. With Colorado, there weren't spectators for the vast majority of the run. So it felt very lonely at times....the music helps with that.

  3. You may change your mind when you are in NY! I hear those crowds can be pretty motivating. I have used music in two and not in two -- I guess it just depends on terrain/crowds/policies. Good work getting in that mid-long. Looks like a cutback with "only" 13 on Sat. Enjoy the "rest." :-) Peak weeks coming up!