Thursday, September 10, 2009

4 miles and ready for an off day

It was pretty darn chilly this morning. It is consistently taking me longer to warm up. I am wondering if it is a less blubber thing or if my circulation isn't quite what it used to be. Not a big deal, just one of those things you think about while you are running.

With the Texas game being this weekend, I expected to see more people around campus than I did. I am guessing by Saturday's long run, it will be a zoo. Local drivers are hard to figure out as to what their intent is, so I always give them the right of way. Out-of-towners......should be interesting.

The left knee is still a little tenious. I walked a lot yesterday going back and forth and all around campus, and that seemed to help. The soreness crept back in though, as soon as I was out the door. Just like all the other days, the pain has been something that was tolerable so I am going to try and put it out of my mind as much as possible.

The run itself was pretty unremarkable. The first mile was kind of hard after yesterday's run, but not too bad. I can tell I am getting a little beat-up by how much effort it takes to reach my goal pace. Got the 4 in, but feel pretty drained. I am hoping the day off will help get some life back in my legs.

Well, off to school....thanks for reading.

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  1. Don't get too discouraged about the goal pace thing. Almost none of your miles in training should be run at your goal pace, anyway! It is all about building endurance, which you do when running SLOWER than goal pace. Remember, you are supposed to feel beat-up on certain training days (different than injured, though). That's what tapers are for! Good week so far, Sean. Enjoy a well-deserved rest day tomorrow and knock out a great, easy long run this weekend.