Wednesday, September 23, 2009 close enough

First of all, Jon I know the treadmill would have been the way to go. But getting one at 5:00 on a weeknight is a no go. And they have a time limit so it just did not feel like the way to go tonight. I will probably pay the price tomorrow.

The weather was not too bad. The temperature was a little under 50 without the wind chill. The wind was up around 18-19 miles per hour. Overall, with the way I felt it could have been much worse.

The first mile seemed to really drag on. Just not used to running when I am sick. I was worried about really getting thirsty, but it worked out fairly well. There were a lot of people out driving...around rush hour...go figure. I hit many many traffic lights, so finding my rhythm was not easy.

It was nice to see some of the fall colors with the sun close to twilight. I did see a few more runners than my run last week of 8 miles. It always helps keep me going.

The last few miles were tough, and right now my legs are really beat but overall I am pleased that I just took the initiative to get out there and get the mileage in. I could have given in and said no, but I didn't....I did what I needed to do. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great job getting out there, Sean. I hope you recover nicely and that your cold doesn't get worse. I've stayed inside on TM all week to try and shake my cold, so you're one up on me! Do you have any "tune up" races planned for the early fall?