Wednesday, September 2, 2009

7 mile we-knee

Because I am tired of being razzed, I somehow managed to get up at 6 after another long night. I was out the door by 6:20. The sun hadn't really started to rise, and I did not get to see the cool red effect that I witnessed yesterday. As I ascended my opening hill, the legs were feeling a little dead. I had the normal aches that seem to work themselves out after a couple of miles, but they seemed to stick around longer today.

During my second time up the hill, I really felt a little off. My pace was around where I wanted, but I seemed to be working harder than usual for the result. After the 6.7 I stopped at the gym and did my crunches. The legs felt better, but when I went to run home, the aches came back.When I was in the shower and since, it feels like the IT Band might be getting inflamed again. I am going to try to have my feet up for awhile before class, but I am a little concerned. It had been doing well, and I don't want to lose that momentum....


  1. "razzed" -- too funny. If my "razzing" helps you stay on track, then so be it! Good run, but take care of the ITB. If necessary, take an off-schedule rest day tomorrow so you're healthy for 15 on Sat.

  2. I like your clever title. I didn't get it until I said it out loud. :)