Wednesday, September 9, 2009

8 miles and tired

I had another night filled with homework nightmares and have decided to drop one of my classes. When I was in my early 20's I probably could push all the things I have to do in my life and still stay on top of everything, but at this point I just can't physically/mentally do it. That was only marginally running related, but the point is that I am hoping to have a little more time in my day so I don't have to keep rushing my runs or killing myself into the wee hours of the morning to get things completed for class. In other words....I am trying to find balance! On with the run....

My left leg has stayed in my mind since last week, and that isn't a good thing, but the pain has been very manageable (think I spelled the wrong, I have no idea why Blogger got rid of spell check). After the run yesterday, it felt a little sore constantly over the next 24 hours. I decided I still wanted to get my 8 in and I did, but it was not the best experience. Surprisingly it had nothing to do with my knee.

The first mile seemed to go crazy slow. I was going my 11 min mile pace up the hill so I am not sure why. I think it has to do with how tired I am or maybe I am coming down with something. I tried to listen to sportstalk to help me not try to push, but it just made the run feel even longer. By mile 4 I really had to come home to use the restroom (I should really find out what University buildings I can get into....seems silly to always come home) and so at mile 6 once I was around the apartment I stopped.

I decided to try put on dry undergarments before I left, and it really made a difference in how I felt. I was not able to muster much more out of my body. But I stil came in a hair under a 10 min mile (1 hour, 19 mins and 46 secs), so that is pretty good. I think that today my physical issues might have been cause by a lack of mental focus. I am hoping to remedy that tomorrow with a good night's sleep and a better attitude.

8 miles is a respectable distance, and I am please that I was able to complete it. I also stepped on the scale and I am now 2 pounds less than my lowest weight during the last training cycle. I am guessing it was probably when I was 14 or 15 and not fully grown that I was this weight. So that really helped my overall mood. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Congrats on the 8-miler and the weight loss. If I recall, your runner's world name is/was "runningoffthepounds" -- so it's good to see that happening for you! It will help quite a bit as that continues (joints, speed, soreness, etc.) Mid-week, mid-long runs RULE!!!