Sunday, October 10, 2010

12 Mile Long run and then 4 Mile Recovery

Was looking forward to an easy Long Run this week. Figured I would take it easy for most of it and then just try to hit Marathon Pace the last four miles. I then decided to meet up with the local running group I ran with last weekend and ended up with a little bit harder effort than I intended.

I did a little over three miles by myself before we met. I took it easy the first 2 miles and just tried to get the legs moving without too much effort. The 3rd mile was a pace mile because I didn't want to be late. When I got to the parking lot they were just about to go. My friend Mark was there and since he was the one that told me about the group I was glad to see him. As usual, he was in a good mood and quite jovial.

We started out just about perfect for a my long run tempo. Right around 9:40 miles...nice and relaxed. The tempo was good until about last three miles with them. I had had mentioned I was going to break off when I hit 8 miles so I could do my last four miles at pace. Mark asked what my goal pace was and I told him 8:55 and he said they could push it a bit. Well....I should have kept my mouth shut...because the pace jumped up considerably on the way back. I had to push a bit to keep where I was at. was a heck of a lot of fun. I will let you look at the Garmin stats for exact paces...but they were good. After we reached the parking lot I peeled off and did 2.4 more and my 12 was done. I had quite a bit left in the tank when I got home, even if the legs were a little sore. A really enjoyable run...

When I woke up this morning (Sunday) I felt pretty worn out and thought I would take the day off. One thing that is a weakness of mine is too much time. I kept thinking about NYC and how I hadn't put in too many miles this week, so I finally went out for 4 miles around 6:00. I did keep it nice and relaxed and used the run to recon how to get into the track per one of the track coaches' instructions. The doors were open but I got the idea which will help on Thursday when I do a track workout. Afterwards I headed home nice and easy. Legs are a little tired but feel pretty good. Next up...PEAK WEEK! Thanks for reading!

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