Monday, October 25, 2010

Thursday through Monday

Sorry I am behind at the moment. The issues with the Garmin kind of got under my skin. I have the replacement and I am now good to go. Here are my last several runs:

Monday - The wind was pretty wicked today. I was not expecting that. The run was alright beside for the wind. Hit my last two miles under MP. The temps are supposed to really drop this afternoon so we will see how tomorrow goes.

Sunday - Did a relaxed 5.6 mile recovery. Legs are a little sore and they are definitely feeling the miles. It did feel really nice to work out the kinks though. The weather was just about perfect for running. Almost wanted to do some more.

Saturday - Garmin made it 8.66 miles ;-) and I made it the rest. I thought I was over 12 by a bit. Turns out I was just a hair over 11. Very aggravating. I am so glad I have the new Garmin and will be able to use it starting on Sunday. Met the running group for the first 4 and then broke off and did my own thing on the greenway. Paces were pretty good I think. I am tired and sore, but so goes taper.

Friday - 4 miles seems like an odd distance to me at this point. I don't do a lot of 4 mile runs. The schedule is chock full of them next week, but it just isn't something I do much. My Garmin died....but it was a decent run all the same. I was able to get the last mile down under marathon pace. My body is tired so it is probably good that the real taper is beginning soon even though I will start to get a little crazier than I am now.

Thursday - Hill Repeats were on the schedule for today. So I got up early and headed down Pershing and in front of Okie. I needed to do 6 repeats and that hill is just about perfect with the distance and grade for me. Thought the pacing was a little better than it was for each repeat. My strongest was the third which struck me as a little odd. All were close in pace though. I would imagine a sign that I am getting used to the pace for that hill. Need to get stronger in the long run though and take some time off when I start doing hills again after NYC. The run home after was a little tougher than I thought it would be, but it was also a hard workout. Beautiful morning....

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