Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monday I rested. Tuesday 6 Miles and Wednesday 5 Miles

I decided to take off Monday. I was exhausted and the legs felt just dreadful. On Tuesday I got up before dawn and headed out for 6 miles of fun. The legs were still having some issues so I took the first 2 miles very easy. I also felt really tired. I think the effort last week and being sick a couple of weeks ago caught up with my energy. I felt a little off most of the run, but I was still able to put up some ok splits so I can't complain. It ended up being more of a progression run and that is always good for the confidence.

I got up today and wanted a better run than I had completed yesterday. I still feel really tired, but the legs were decent as far as the soreness. After the first mile I started to push the pace a bit and found a decent rhythm. I did a couple of loops around Holliday Park and did three miles under marathon goal pace and even broke 8 minutes in my last mile. The run did not feel easy, but it didn't feel all that hard either. I am due a tempo run tomorrow so that should be interesting. Thanks for reading!

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