Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5 Mile Monday and 10 Mile Bad Ass Tuesday

The run yesterday was decent. I was trying to just get some more miles on my base and had no real feeling one way or another on pacing. I like to throw in marathon pace miles in most runs because I want to be comfortable running them, especially when I am tired. I didn't pay attention for the first couple of miles, but did after that. I headed to Holliday Park and did the loop a couple of times and then headed home. I pushed pretty good the last couple of miles. I have had a little soreness in both legs, but I have been spending a lot of time stretching so I am keeping positive that it will pay dividends.


Was really not excited to do this run when I got up and opened the window. It was raining very steadily and was cold. I bundled up and put on my running tights and a vest over my long sleeve shirt. Tucked my Ipod into the vest and headed out. I decided to enjoy the silence for a little while, which is unlike me but was good for a couple of miles. Once I got to the park the airport was pretty loud so I started listening. There was really no one out. It was dark and pretty dreary. The back side of the park loop is trail and was quite muddy. I had to take off my sunglasses to see, even with the headlamp. Slid around a lot. The run required quite a bit of focus to stay on the paths. Mr. Higdon suggested that miles 4-7 should be stretched tempo-wise so I decided that meant MP. After mile 6 I really got into a solid groove. I should have brought the pace back down, but was just really feeling it. I love seeing other runners out and about...but when the weather is crappy and I see no one...makes me feel like a bad ass. Nothing wrong with that from time to time. I am pooped...but that was a fantastic run! Thanks for reading!


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