Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday Runs

Went out with an aggressive attitude today and told myself I wanted to do 3 of the 5 below MP. Went pretty well. Besides for feeling insanely tired, the body isn't doing bad. Nursed the Garmin through the run, but it crapped out on me as soon as I turned off the GPS. Garmin is going to mail me a refurbished one in the next few days, so that is good. They charged me $80 which I believe is quite fair. On an interesting side note, there is a guy from the UK that wants to pace with me for NYC. Not sure anything will come of it but it reminds me about how cool the running community is.

Well the Garmin is still not working. This is a guess. I know I did at least 8. I tried the reset and it didn't work. Just tried the hard factory reset. I hope that works. This point in the cycle I really need it to make sure I am hitting my splits. Didn't have a good sense of pace throughout. Quite chilly!

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