Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday tempo run and Friday 6 Miler

Got up yesterday and hurried myself out the door. I can tell the miles are starting to add up. The dead leg feeling has become a little more apparent every run. I was supposed to run a tempo run, which is a gradual build up to approximately 10K pace held for a certain amount of time and then slowing to a more relaxed tempo to finish. At least it is according to Hal Higdon. These runs are always a little confusing to me and I generally do a progression run of some sort. It did occur to me that I am probably taking more out of my legs by redlining so much in my training runs. I decided to give this a whirl and it worked out ok. The first couple of miles I tried to build up the pace slowly and did ok. After the second mile I eeked up a little too quickly and held up for two long in my opinion. By the time I hit mile 4 and the cool down I was cooking. Finished the run slowing down and felt a bit tired at the end. So I think I overdid just a bit. I was still a lot closer than I normally am to a tempo run so I am learning.

The run today was a little better than yesterday as far as energy. As I was getting ready to go out I could already hear the wind whipping around. Made me a little nervous. When I got outside it was pretty chilly and there was definitely some moisture in the air. It was quite rain and it wasn't sleet but I didn't think it was cold enough to be flakes. All the same it was a little wet....but not nearly as wet as all the sprinklers going off in the park that the gusts were shooting everywhere. As I headed round the loops a few times the sun starting rising and by the 3rd loop the huge wall of pinkish-orange hue was really something. Like a gigantic wall of fire. It was really cool.

The mile splits themselves were pretty difficult to maintain. I want to finish each run with my two strongest miles and I struggled with that today. A sign my body really needs a break. I will aim to do most of my long run tomorrow at long run pace instead of at marathon pace. I hope that and some recovery miles on Sunday will me where I want to be for my peak mileage next week. Here's hoping!

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