Thursday, October 14, 2010

Track Workout

One of the things I have missed since I moved to Cheyenne are the track workouts. I really like the running group in Laramie, and I always enjoyed getting together for track sessions over the summer. I hadn't done one on like two months. I was a little nervous about how it would go. I woke up at 5:00 and after I got ready headed  out the door and slowly ran towards the track. I wanted to get my legs warm, but not really work them before I got there. When I got on the track I was instantly struck by how dark it was. There was a light on the side of the bleachers that was on...but for 3/4 track it was pitch black with the exception of the stars above. Guessing it was a new moon because I couldn't see that either. I decided to take off the headlamp and just run in that darkness. I have never tried it before and it was an awesome experience. My eyes quickly keyed in on the white lines against the black track. Just kept my legs churning and occasionally just looked up and marveled. What a great way to start a workout.

I wanted to do 5 sets of 3/4 mile intervals with one lap rest in between. The pace was supposed to be 7:40 per mile. By the end of the second interval I was starting to feel it a little, but felt like I could just keep going. Felt really strong through the next two times around the track and finished with my fastest interval by ten seconds. I could have pretty easily done 3 more sets. I felt sooo good. I did feel some soreness as I headed up the hill back to Pershing. I tried not to push too much, because I had achieved what I wanted and just wanted to finish. Got home and stretched a little. Amazing run....

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