Sunday, October 17, 2010

63 Miles Total this week....BOOYAH!

Sunday - Went down to do support for my friend Ria who came out to do the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon. It was so inspiring to see all those out there giving their all. Made me a little envious that I was not out running. But it feels really good to have people seem to genuinely enjoy your support. I clapped like a mad man for about an hour at the 14.5 mark and then some good time clapping at two other spot along the route. My Garmin freaked as soon as I started, but I am guessing I ran 4 miles today. That makes 63 for the week....6....3.....I am shocked I have put up this much mileage. My legs are sore...but really pretty dang good overall. Let the taper begin!

Saturday - All the miles piled up this week took its toll today. I am thankful that the pace is somewhat slower than all the other runs, because quite frankly...I didn't have much in the tank at the end. I did manage to meet up with the running group (notice the sub 8:55 mile in the middle, I saw Devana and she was hitting a faster pace to meet up by 7:00 so I matched her). I was very happy to have them for 8 miles and then Devana ran with me until 19.5. Kept me going. Legs are very sore and tired. I did manage to nail a sub 8:55 on the last brutal mile so I finished strong.

Friday - Hal put a rest day in between the track workout and the pace run today. Taking out that day was one of the changes I made to his plan. I wished I had that day off in between this week ;-) Started off just feeling tired. As the legs started going and I worked pass my first threshold, run started feeling decent. There were woman out walking and running everywhere. Not sure if it was part of a program or what but there were easily 8 times as many people out as I have ever seen at the park. Made me keep focus a little better to avoid getting my lamp light in their eyes or coming up behind them. Started really cooking about mile 5 and just kept roaring from there. Was still feeling strong at mile 7 so I kept pushing a little. Last two miles were kind of tough, but not overly so. Feel like a nailed this run. Tomorrow's 20 will be the ultimate test of how much fitness I have gained in this cycle. I did go back and read las year's blog to see the progress and it did make me feel good.

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