Saturday, October 2, 2010

3 Mile Recovery on Friday and 6 Mile Group Run on Saturday

After the very challenging hill workout from Thursday I decided to take it easy and work the kinks out of my legs on Friday. I very pleasant and easy run because I just kept making myself go slow. I can really tell that fall is coming. Each morning is a little bit cooler than the one before it, but this really is the nicest time of year to run. I am so glad I have had a strong week up until this point with the running. Work has just been very busy and stressful. Feel like I am getting a little balance in my off time to help keep my fresh and sane.

Wasn't sure how much I wanted to do today. I have really spent a lot of time trying to decide what I want to do tomorrow and I am still not sure. So I woke up and remembered the running group I heard about last weekend was meeting at 7. I decided to go meet up with them and just let the chips fall where they would. I was glad I did.

There were 5 other people and they were all very friendly. We headed to where the Hitching Post caught on fire to check it out. The tempo was really quite perfect for my first together group run not on a trail. I am not used to trying to talk while I run, so it took a bit of getting used to. Found my breathing was a tiny bit more labored than normal. After the Hitching Post the group split and three people went to go add on another good chunk of mileage, but since I am doing the half tomorrow I headed back to the parking lot at the UMC fitness center. I enjoy the run back with the two guys that I was with. Nothing too fast, but still enough to feel like the miles were good. I also learned about running at both high school tracks which is something I kept forgetting to call about. So I am pleased about that. Overall a really nice Saturday run. I am still at a loss for what to do tomorrow. I really wanted to hit 20 miles and thought I would run before the half and then do the half at marathon goal pace with David. On the other hand...if I could get a sub 1:50 half time it would help my confidence as well. Last summer RunnersWorld had a marathon goal time article, and the suggested half times have always stayed in my head. I know it is a little silly, but when I read that someone that hits a sub 1:50 has a good shot at break 4:00 in a marathon it is hard to shake. But I will confess that during each marathon when I start getting into the mid teens I have always had a reoccurring thought about wishing I had done a few more 20 mile runs. So I am in a quandary. Sorry to babble on so much today...
Hope you are all having great runs and even better weekends!
Here is hoping tomorrow goes well! Thanks for reading.

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